CranioSacral and Myofascial Healing for Adults, Babies, and Horses!


Congratulations on taking a powerful step toward caring for yourself and your loved ones.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) has been found to help heal soft-tissue injuries, chronic pain, headaches, nerve pain and paresthesia, stress, anxiety, post-partum and newborn concerns, and post-surgical scarring-among many other concerns. In addition to my CST training for adults and babies, I am also trained in the use of CST to work with horses, helping to resolve musculoskeletal, emotional and behavioral issues. 

My years as an experienced CST therapist have led me to trust it as the most effective treatment for most of the issues my clients' experience. However, I have a variety of tools in my kit from 15 years of working in an accident and injury treatment clinic and, and am able to tailor specific treatment to each individual. Please see the Services and Rates page for detailed descriptions of available treatments.

Some additional things to be aware of are that CST is generally done fully clothed; it is best to wear loose comfortable clothing such as sweats or yoga pants, loose tops, and no jeans, to maximize your treatment.

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"I was in a serious auto accident in 1980 and suffer from chronic neck pain. Maggie is a miracle worker, an absolute artist. I call her the Shaman. Thanks, Maggie"
~Rick B. Bellingham, WA


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